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Thread: RETF - one picky eater, one piggy eater

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    Default RETF - one picky eater, one piggy eater

    Hi all, apologies as this may get lengthy...

    I have two red eyes tree frogs. They are currently in separate tanks, as one seems to either have difficulty catching food, or is simply picky. The other one will eat and eat and eat... So the problem with having them in one tank is that I'm worried one will eat all of the crickets and (eventually) prolapse, and the other would starve. The picky one used to eat with tongs, but began to ignore my offerings after a while, so manually controlling their intake is next to impossible. The picky frog, when I first got him, used to be a very adept hunter, and would snatch away crickets from the other frog. With this decline in proactive hunting, I'm wondering...
    Does it sound like the picky frog has poor eyesight?
    Also, how should I move them back in together? Do I trust the bigger frog to know when she is full, and that the other frog will eat when hungry?
    Should I space out the feedings to drive up the picky frog's appetite?
    The tank I'm holding the picky frog in is too small and I would like to get them back together soon. What should I do to ensure they both get what they need?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: RETF - one picky eater, one piggy eater

    I don't know if there's an easy way to deal with two frogs in the same tank with this problem. The picky frog may have poor eyesight, or illness, or may just be picky. It's hard to say. Luckily, I've noticed that my frogs habits have changed over time, so one is less picky. It may be the same for you. How's the frog's weight? Okay? You might try making sure there are plenty of places to hide in the small tank to make the picky frog more comfortable. Then I'd just hope it's appetite would improve.
    I'd try to see if appetite picked up after a while and maybe reintroduce them if there are no signs of illness.
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: RETF - one picky eater, one piggy eater

    I used to have the same problem with my WTFs. One would eat all the crickets and didn't leave a lot for the other, so I eventually started feeding them individually in a separate container. I know RETFs are more fragile than WTFs though, so I'm not sure how feasible it is. It's also concerning that your frog's mannerisms have changed. Have you tried tempting the picky one with different insects? Maybe a change in food selection might help.

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