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    I just got a Chubby frog at a pet expo. This is my first frog but not my first amphibian, I have some questions.

    I was going to put it in my 20 long but would he do better in something smaller? (15, 10 5 gallon?) He's only about an 1 1/2 long.

    Does he need heat? The guy said room temperature is fine. I live in Canada and my house goes does to 60 degrees at night.

    Are earthworms an okay staple?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Chubby Frog Help

    Also, do I need multivitamin or calcium supplements?

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    Default Re: Chubby Frog Help

    I think smaller enclosure would be better at start. About earthworms, my vet says they carry parasites, so it would be better if you would stick to small crickets and cockroaches. And yes, chubby frogs, like all amphibians need powdering with supplements. I use dendrocare and repashy vitamin A for my chubby frogs and currently waiting for these fatties to breed, they seem fine, despite of being WC frogs. Yours is WC also probably?

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