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Thread: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

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    Default Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    I don't really know much about their care so I would want the easiest type there is. Sort of like the Fire Bellied Toad version. Something that is sort of active, eats well, non aggresive and is hardy. Any sugestions so I have a place to start my research?

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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    I am kind of partial to A. avicularia (Pink Toe Tarantula), but that might be because I own one! It is an arboreal species that is quite docile but can be skittish with sudden movements. Even when startled, instead of biting, their first defence is to run while squirting a shot of feces at you....mine is so used to me fussing in the cage, she gave up on that rather quickly. However, I do not handle Kamani, so if you are looking for one to handle on occassion, I wouldn't know what to suggest.

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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    Some other good options would be B. albopilosum (Curly Hair Tarantula) and G. rosea (Chilean Rose). Both of them are very hard species that are quite docile as well. I liked the Curly Hairs more myself when I was keeping them. My Roses tended to be either garbage disposals or pet rocks. While my Curly actually moved around and ate at a pretty good rate.

    Both of them are good choices though.

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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    I had a G. rosea (Chilean Rose) for a few months until I moved, and I currently have two B. albopilosum (Curly Hair) and a B. smithi (Mexican Redknee). Many people recommend the G. rosea as the ultimate starter tarantula because they are "so docile", but quite often they are aggressive. They also aren't very active. A B. albo, B. smithi, or A. avic (Pink Toe) I would say would be a better choice, especially one of the first two, as some people have trouble with the arboreal species. They are both hardy, fairly active, and very unlikely to bite, and their care is simple. Keep babies in a vial or small container with substrate (some dirt, like Eco-Earth, etc.) and occasionally mist an area for moisture, and feed once or twice a week. As they grow move them to larger containers. That's pretty much all there is to it! Although I would suggest you do research on some of the species and decide which one you want, and then research their care, just to be sure. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    Thanks, I also did some research and if I get one I think I will get a Curly hair.

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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    I wouldnt recomend a pink toe, they are very speedy. Curly hair or rose hair is the way to go, rose hairs are commonly sold at pet stores as well. But be careful in shopping at a pet store, ask lots of questions about the animals behavior and appetite. I ussually see lots of a great species at my local rep show.

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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    Avicularia avicularia is a greatr begginer T. that was my first tarantula but they are pretyy skittish like other arboreals. grammastola rosea is great but can be agressive and randomly go off feed. most of the grammastola genus is great but they can be moody. brachypelma smithi is one of the best. there great eaters and docile but there growth rate is slower like most of the brachypelma genus. brachypelma albopilosum is also a great starter T.

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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    No aphonopelma recommendations? aww
    Well they too make great starter t's and can be kept cooler than the more tropical species. They do grow at a slower rate though. I personally keep a brazilian black at the moment.

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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    I haven't gotten one yet because I'm using that tank for my two baby red eyes. When they get big enough to go in with my adult red eyes I'll be getting a T. What can you tell me about the one you recomend?

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    poison beauties

    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    Arachnids make great display critters. Tarantula's come in as many sizes and colors and nearly 1/3 of them are handleable. If your wanting a nice calm beginner species there are many to choose from. The Brazilian Black is a bit more pricey than many of the others but it is a great one to learn with. Other choices are the Rose Hair, Chaca Golden Knee, Red Knee, Red Rump, White Knee, Flame Knee and many others. The Avicularia family are a bit flighty and fast though usually unaggressive like Avicularia Avicularia, Avicularia Amazonica, Avicularia Purpurea and my fav Avicularia Minatrix. None of these have ever shown me any signs of aggression.
    I woud avoid the Chylobrachys, Poecilotheria, Pterinochilus, Theraphosa family's as they are mostly aggressive species that do not tolerate much handling if any at all. Many of them have a nasty bite and are venomous enough to but you in some pain.
    I have a few Paraphysa Scrofa spiderlings left that are a great species to start with. Right now they are around the quarter sized area. If you want them let me know and they are yours.


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    Default Re: Been "thinking" about getting a Taranchula

    There's a site dedicated to arachnids and other critters that I was referred to when my son expressed an interest in a taranchula or giant scorpian (it's a looooong shot as to whether my wife will agree. Here's a link You might want to browse there a bit. But, it's a huge site with tons of posts and more information than I could possibly absorb.
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