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Thread: Help! Injured african clawed frog

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    Exclamation Help! Injured african clawed frog

    Ok ive come on here to see if i can get some opinions or help.So i got this rescued African clawed frog, but the thing is that his two front legs are completely useless. He cant properly swim or eat. His legs are just limp and dragging under him, they also have this weird black thing on the underside of them. I dont know if that has anything to do with his problem.i dont want to touch them without knowing what it is. Ive since had to put him in about 3 inch deep water so that he can reach the surface to breath. if theres anything i can do to help him i want to try. anything is fine. Thank you.

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    Hi Nina, this could be caused by diet/disease or injury* can you post some pics please also a little more background on care of frog ie what its fed each time also cleaning schedule how often and what WATER conditioners used# any idea how old the frogs require good source of calcium when young to help there bones develop this can be achieved by feeding reptomin sticks# post back with pic an answers thx

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