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Thread: Unusual Behavior; looking for input

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    Default Unusual Behavior; looking for input

    Hi there,

    I've noticed some u usual behavior in my American toad.

    Periodic peeping with no observable threat.

    Feet in a praying position, with head towards stomach. I've considered impaction but the appetite is still strong and I am seeing poops.

    Twice I have seen what I would say is an attempt at Amplexus with the female toad in the tank but these toads don't hibernate so it seems illogical. I would say more specifically the toad was having a muscle spasm.

    My tank is

    44 gallon
    Coco fiber substrate
    Misted every other day
    Uva/uvb light
    Food: mostly superworms gut fed with broccoli and cricket gut load pellets.

    Not worried just wondering if these are things anyone else has ever seen?

    Thanks in advance!

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