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Thread: Sudden death in American toad and no vet for living one

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    Default Sudden death in American toad and no vet for living one

    I had two American toads since last summer, a few days ago my adult female suddenly died. She showed no symptoms prior to this and was awake and alert a few hours earlier. My male suddenly lost a lot of weight, started walking weird, and had reddening on his belly, which the female also had on her corpse. I found out that our exotic vet doesn't treat them, and the closest vet isn't within driving distance. He has been recovering, but I'm faced with the issue of what to do with my male toad? I've been under the assumption that our vet would treat them if something went awry, but without a vet, I don't feel comfortable having him knowing I wouldn't be able to help him if he gets sick.
    What should I do? He was wild caught, but I don't think he'd do well if I put him back in the wild. Should I give him to someone that has a vet, or should I keep him knowing I wouldn't be able to get medical care for him? I'm very conflicted and am still recovering from the shock and broken heart after my female, Princess, passed so suddenly. Does anyone have any advice of what I should do?

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    Default Re: Sudden death in American toad and no vet for living one

    Sadly, it souds like your little guy has a condition called red leg. This is usually fatal so brace yourself ;-; Is the poor thing even alive anymore? If so you need to get to the nearest pet store ASAP and buy some red leg meds, make sure they say Frog/Toad Safe. I have experience with forgs and toads dying, so I feel your pain. Good on you for doing what you can!

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