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Thread: Can you keep fish with a grey tree frog?

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    Default Can you keep fish with a grey tree frog?

    Some Background: I've recently had to move my tree frog Bas into a small critter keeper due to tank problems. I have another paludarium lying around, it has a large water area in the bottom with some endler's guppies in there. It's all filtered, with an airstone and i do a water change every week. In my grey's old tank, he would often sit in his pond at night.

    ive read that grey tree frogs are mildly poisonous? Is this only when they're handled/stressed? or are they just constantly poisonous?
    Anyone ever kept tree frogs (especially grey tree frogs) with fish? Can it be done?

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    Default Re: Can you keep fish with a grey tree frog?

    If the environmental parameters are all appropriate- temps, humidity, etc- and the frog has lots of places to climb and be out of the water, then it should be workable. While many amphibians do have some degree of toxicity, it is generally only exuded under extreme duress. Tree frogs aren't just oozing poison all of the time.
    I think one of the bigger challenges you have is figuring out how to keep the feeder insects from drowning.

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