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Thread: Help: Possible Injury Around Frog's Eye

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    Question Help: Possible Injury Around Frog's Eye

    Just over a week ago, I purchased a Cuban Tree Frog. I have set up her tank, made sure the temperature and the humidity were right and placed her in her new home. However, after a few days, I noticed what looked to be a bruise on her skin just above her eye. After keeping an eye on it, the black soon turned to white. I was unsure if this could be due to a healing process or if this could be some sort of injury that is progressively worsening over time.

    When I first got her, she didn't want to eat, and finally I successfully managed to get her eating and soaking in her water after she became less stressed out. Is it possible that this white spot is some sort of fatty layer, or would it be categorized as an injury? Occasionally I find her squinting that eye, but not the other, which is why I was curious if this would be considered an injury.

    Any input or thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
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    It's really hard to say. Is the fogginess over her pupil actually there or am I seeing glare? It could be an indication of injury or the beginnings of an eye infection. Either way, it does look like a problem you should take her to the vet for, which can run up to about $100 depending on the care.

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    The white does not show up as a foggy or cloudy in the actual eye. It is just something located above her eye only. The white area directly above her eye is the only place I am seeing the white. There is no white in her eye.

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    Default Re: Help: Possible Injury Around Frog's Eye

    Then it was likely a glare I was seeing over her pupil. I would still recommend a visit to a vet. You can take a "wait and see" approach, but if it is an infection, a frog's health can go south very fast. Even if it's only an injury, it may get infected eventually. How you approach this issue is up to you. As a safeguard, try to locate a vet in your area who can see frogs and get some costs. If you can't find one that frankly states it sees frogs, find one that will see reptiles and inquire if they're comfortable examining amphibians. That way, if your frog starts displaying causes for concern, you don't have to worry about finding one. Best of luck, I hope her eye gets better.

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