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Thread: Water temp problems.

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    Question Water temp problems.

    Hi everyone, itís my first day here and my first day as a frog/tadpole owner. My daughter bought home from school an African Clawed Frog tad pole. I had the tank all set up with a good ph level and used quick start and the chlorine drops. Itís in a 5 gallon tank for now while itís a tad pole cause as most of you probably know theyíre clear and itís hard enough finding them in the 5 gallon. My problem is the heater I have makes the water too warm. It goes up over 85 degrees. The other problem is I live in upstate New York and itís February so without the heater the water goes below 68 degrees. Iíve been turning it on and off a lot and was going to do that until pay day when I can afford a newer better heater. Iím just worried that the constant up and down in water temp will freak the poor guys system out and heíll die. Also my daughter says at school they didnít use a filter and only fed the tad poles every other day. Iím using a filter and feel like maybe it should eat more because of the whole metamorphism thing. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Water temp problems.

    If thermos if dodgy ditch it asap @85 deg that's 13deg over ideal and could fry# @68 deg that's only 4deg below ideal

    Research the filter there are pro and cons with them# I like them but mines external low flow and gets cleaned frequentlty# you need to make sure the filters suitable ie silent and the flow is not to fast or sprayed#
    If your going non filter prepare for more frequent water changes and monitor water PH amonia

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