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Thread: Best place to buy amphibians online

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    Question Best place to buy amphibians online

    Hi everyone, Iím looking for suggestions for the best place to buy amphibians that isnít Petco or Petsmart. I live in Chicago so unfortunately there are no reptile shows in the area until October. Iíve read mixed things about Joshís Frogs? Anyone have any experience with them, or other recommendations ? Thanks!!

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    There's actually the North American Reptile Breeders Conference coming up soon in Tinley Park on March 17-18! I went last fall and, while most of it was reptiles, some vendors were selling various kinds of frogs. Just be careful to check them out, ask for sources, diets, etc. Saw someone trying to sell a poor baby pacman with jaw disfigurement due to MBD.

    Entrance fee is $15. Here's the site for more info:

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