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Thread: Leaving home for a week, what to do?

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    Default Leaving home for a week, what to do?

    Hi! I'm getting a pacman soon (although I'd be interested in species with similar care if you have any suggestions) and need to know what to do for the little guy when I'm gone. My vacations are usually only a couple days and not an issue but in an emergency I may need to leave home for at least a week, maybe a couple days more. I have no-one I can ask to look after them and I'm very uncomfortable having a stranger come in to feed them. I've done a search for exotic pet boarding locally but no luck.
    How can I set up his tank to support him for that long?

    I was thinking of grabbing a cheap sponge filter and setting it up to filter his water-dish, feeding him a pinky-mouse or large dubia roach before leaving, maybe releasing some small earth worms and isopods to turn the soil a little bit, adding extra soil, and leaving one of those desktop humidifiers pointed into the tank to keep the humidity up.

    I really only worry about poop in the soil.. will he just lay in it or do they dig new burrows when they go?..

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    Default Re: Leaving home for a week, what to do?

    The biggest issue would likely be his water. Since you won't be there, if he consumes the supply of water and runs low, that could be potentially dangerous for him. Mine is content to sit in the soil for days and not touch his water if I keep his soil moist enough, so if you can figure that out, it might solve this issue. Of course, if he's the type to poop in the water dish, you might have a whole different issue to reckon with.

    If he's like my pacman, he'll go to a new spot after pooping in the old one, lol. But it's hard to say since you don't know his personality/quirks.

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    Default Re: Leaving home for a week, what to do?


    The more I look at his tank the more I think I can keep it hydrated, but I'm a little on the fence rather or not a small filter will take care of the mess in the water-bowl problem (should it arise). They filters out fish droppings but the bowl has less water which will either make it easier for the filter or too concentrated to clean.

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    Default Re: Leaving home for a week, what to do?

    Maybe having more than one water source would do the trick? Not sure what size he and his tank is, but I think having two dishes of water would eliminate the risk of him dirtying his only water source or using it all up. If he isn't being actively fed, he shouldn't poop more than once while you are away. The only issue would be if he pooped in one dish and kept using it.

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    Default Re: Leaving home for a week, what to do?

    Have you considered looking into local dog sitters? I am one and have been hired to do short visits for exotics while people are on vacations. (They hired me because I have experience)

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    Default Re: Leaving home for a week, what to do?

    The tank is 12W 20L 10H, extra bowl shouldn't be an issue.

    I can't get a sitter, in addition to the price & there not being a ton of options on CL locally I have a cat that ripped through the jean legs of his last sitter (and he knew her!), he will also attempt to run out of the house and I don't want him under the extra stress.

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