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    Hey everyone! I'm building a vivarium for some red eye tree frogs. I used a 100 gallon 36'' tall exo terra for this build in which I created my custom background using great stuff foam, silicon, cork rounds and flats and a few net cups. I used elevated egg crate to create my false bottom and added a small tube hidden in the back of the vivarium for siphoning. Still debating whether I need a MistKing setup or if hand misting will suffice, anyone have any experience with these? I don't want to have a problem where I am siphoning every week due to too much watering. I am currently using two large undertank heaters insulated with styrofoam, this has gotten my temps up to 77 in the day and about 72 at night, i also supplement my heating using a zilla mini halogen/ uvb bulb fixture (i think heating has been my largest obstacle with such a large vivarium and not wanting to add too much dry heat since it will house frogs). To increase airflow I have two ultra quiet computer fans capable of 22 cfm (one pushing air in and another pulling air out on opposite ends) with speed controller so I can turn it way down. I'll also probably end up covering one of the portions of the top to retain some more heat but not too worried about heating because I have it a decent level and where I am it's about the coldest it gets all year. For my plant lighting I'm currently running a finnex 36" planted 24/7 unit but want to add another or go with something like the EVO quad ( Big thanks to Josh for the recomendations!!). The plants i currently have include a money tree, golden pothos (which will be trailng down from the top right), watermelon papermonia(which ill train up an exo terra jungle vine as I find the vines too fake looking), purple nerve plant (ground cover), vanilla planforia(ill train this up the left side), peace lilly(partially overtop the watering bowl), a unknown purplish plant I got from a local pet store (they had no idea what it was) and an absolute zero cryptanthus. My bromeliad species ( in net cups surrounded by hydrogrow) include Mo Peppa Please, Wild Tiger, and fireball. I also have a variety of air plants affixed to the background using a hot glue gun. I'm still torn on whether to take the money plant out and switch it with a snake plant but I'm gonna let it grow out a bit and decide later on. Also looking to get a moss slurry and spread it over varies areas of the vivarium including my great stuff foam ledge which would look very nice covered in moss. Just when I think I'm done I always find a new plant I want to fit. Do you guys have any suggestions for any Ferns? I was thinking rabbit's foot but open to suggestions. I just added my springtail culture and giant orange isopods today, unfortunately, my purple dwarfs were all dead on arrival due to this cold weather we've been having. I won't be adding any frogs for a few months as I want the vivarium to grow in a lot more before thinking of inhabitants. I think that about covers what i have right now, definitely more to be added and ill be posting further pictures once its grown in.
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