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Thread: Male? Female? Still too small to tell?

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    Default Male? Female? Still too small to tell?

    Hello, all - I realize the sex of P. adspersus (I assume that's what I've got here, but certainly correct me if I'm wrong) can be a challenge to determine when the frogs are still small, and this guy/gal is currently only a bit over 2 inches. There's a couple-week difference between the moss pic and the other two, and s/he has attained some length and a lot of width. I know some of you folks - who have more experience and a sharper eye for these things than do I - can often make an educated guess as to male/female status by referencing the size or shape of the head, even when the frogs are young. Therefore, I welcome your opinions. Male? Female? Still too small to venture a guess? Many thank-yous!
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