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    Greetings, all - I've had my giant (I'm assuming it is P. adspersus, given the number of green stripes, for example, but please correct me if I'm mistaken) for about 3 weeks now. The photo of it in moss is from day 1, when it wasn't nearly as rotund as it is in the other two photos. It's slightly over two inches long now, and as the subject line indicates, I'm wondering if any more experienced keepers out there, who have a better eye for differences between sexes than I do, can offer an (early?) opinion one whether I've got a little-and-growing guy here, or a little-and-growing gal. I know head size/shape can be an indicator, so I'm hoping the included photos do it justice. Many thank-yous!

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    Default Re: Male? Female?

    I can see by your name that you are a salamander lover.

    A picture would be nice on order to help with your post.

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    Name:  37565543_10105868647076220_7669516413203120128_n.jpg
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Size:  148.2 KBName:  37488650_10105868439946310_4283187940168826880_n.jpg
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Size:  135.0 KB Hi, Grif - Thank you for your response, and whoa...I see the pics I *thought* I included the first time indeed weren't included. :/ Hopefully the ones I've attached here do show up. If they do, I'm pleased to announce that I have a son; Lord Sprinkles has proven to be quite male (he's currently 7 inches, snout to vent, and sitting next to the dog's ceramic water bowl that he outgrew, lol). I do indeed love salamanders as well and am "Mom" to a full-grown, female tiger well as a tailless whipscorpion, another pixie frog, a pacman frog, and a tank full of hermit crabs.

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    That is a beautiful 100% male you have. I'm very envious of that one.

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    Indeed he is, lol, and thank you; he's a handsome fella (and quite vocal). When I first posted, he was only about 3 inches long; he's now 7 and counting.

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