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Thread: Tiny bugs in frog tank. mites?

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    Thumbs down Tiny bugs in frog tank. mites?

    I have two fire belly toads ben and jerry and recently when i was misting the tank I saw half a mealworm. then i picked up one of their hides and saw tons of little white and black tiny bugs! I think they were eating the mealworm but im not sure if you have any idea what it is or what to do please tell me! I cleaned out the tank yesterday so the bugs are gone but I just want to know what they are and if they are harmful to the frogs.

    I have a 15 galloon with coconut fiber as the substrate I have one live plant and a big pool full of rocks for them to swim incase you need to know to identify what these bugs are.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Tiny bugs in frog tank. mites?

    Sounds like they could be springtails. Did they scatter when you picked out the mealworm? If you only find them gathered around decaying organic matter then they're not likely to be a danger to your frogs, and may even help keep the tank clean. Unfortunately it's difficult to keep a moist environment free of all unwanted critters. Even if all the materials used are thoroughly sterilized they'll still appear one day!

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