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Thread: Possible sick amazon milk frogs.

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    Default Possible sick amazon milk frogs.


    I saw some weird behaviour in my group of 4 AMF. They started to have problems with climbing and sometimes they fail to attach to glass after jump and just fall down. Also they are now more drowsily than they was before. Still they are eating well. I feed them crickets, mealworms and cockroaches- with zoo med vitamins about once a week and sepia more often. They have temperatures from 22 to 28 degrees in their terrarium.
    Except that they look a little fat, and when i try to handle them they sometimes "pee" just like cane toads do but with a lot less "pee" than the cane's do. Is it a normal behaviour?

    Is it possible that they have chytrid? I probably bought Bombina orientalis with that disease, but they didnt have contact with each other. Or maybe it is some vitamin deficit?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Possible sick amazon milk frogs.

    My White's have trouble attaching to damp glass sometimes. I'd keep an eye on their activity and make sure they move at night though.

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