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Thread: Help with young Pacman frog!

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    Exclamation Help with young Pacman frog!

    I just took home a ďspecial needsĒ frog from work because we couldnít keep him in the store any more and we didnít want to inhumanly put him down. I took him home to see if I could work with him and help him live a nice life. The problem is that he doesnít jump or move around. If he tries to jump he ends up flipped on his back. No one has ever seen him eat and since Iíve brought him home he wonít eat anything. Heíll dog him self into the dirt but thatís about it. At least once a day Iíll put him in his water dish to sit for about 10 minutes and heíll perk up a bit. Does anyone know what could be wrong with him? Heís been like this since her arrived at our store a few weeks ago and the only thing thatís improved since Iíve brought him home is his eye. We thought he might be blind in one but itís looking normal now. Thanks in advance!

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    Pacman frogs are pretty sedentary, so him not moving around much isn't concerning unless he's not responding to outside stimulus. Has he been seen by a vet at all to confirm he has neurological issues and it isn't something else? Do you know if he's been supplemented with calcium powder (with vitamin D3)? And what have you tried feeding him and in what way? Tong feeding is pretty fool proof unless he's outright refusing to eat.

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