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Thread: losing a frog

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    Default losing a frog

    my fbt tank originally consisted of six adults. The biggest male, the one with a weird out one day when I neglected to close the lid. I didn't think they could make the jump, but they could. i felt really bad, but in response, i changed how i deal with the tank such that the lid is always closed.

    that was a year ago. since then, they had babies and i gots frogs.

    recently, i did an adult count. THREE?!?!? I even moved things around the tank to look for the other two. I had left the lid open for about fifteen minutes after a feeding once...did i...let two out?

    Knowing how well they hide, I didn't sweat it immediately. The next day, I counted three again and figured i'd lost TWO frogs somehow!

    The next day I counted four. Hm. okay.

    The next day, I watch closely as I fed them crickets. All five came right out.

    I cannot believe how well they can hide. I mean, i've made hiding places, but I know where they are and I thought i'd be able to see 'em even when they hide.

    But there was a time when TWO of them were hiding so well, that I could not find them in twenty minutes of looking.

    They either hid...or they left the tank for a few beers and came back later.

    could be either. dunno.

    and one of them is getting super super fat. i this this is my female and she is egg laden. the males are singing to her at this time.

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    Default Re: losing a frog

    I do the same thing. Frogs, newts, geckos, turtles- they all hide well. Always that split second twinge of panic.

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