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Thread: Im worried my white tree frog is sick, Help?

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    Default Im worried my white tree frog is sick, Help?

    Im new so im not sure if this is where I should be posting this but, today I Couldnt find my white tree frog, and it turns out she was under neath her perch, huddled into a corner, so I flipped it just to make sure everything was fine, and she has appeared to changed colours from a dark green to a very dark brown and now she has noticeable white spots on her back, usually she sleeps up in her fake leafs but now she didnt, and im worried shes sick because of the sudden behavioural change, the temp. Is 70F and the humidity is about 50% Name:  C06B2807-15C2-46DC-A9CA-E7718E87D444.jpeg
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    Default Re: Im worried my white tree frog is sick, Help?

    You might want to try raising the heat up to 75F in the daytime, but 70 sounds okay. Unless the frog's hiding at night for more than one night and refusing to eat or something I wouldn't worry! Tiny white spots are normal, and like freckles or white hairs on a human. Green spots or large patches of a different color may indicate being sick though.

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