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    Default The Shed

    What is he doing? He's inflating. Deflating. Stretching. Bunching up. Reaching out. Wiping his head. Adjusting every part. Freaky he sick? Distressed?

    NO! It's just a shed.

    If I could tell my frogs apart enough to give them names, I would name one "Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson". It's a Monty Python joke for those of you that don't get it.

    My tank is partly aquatic, eight or so inches of water with items floating or poking out of the water. Gosh they love to go swimming, especially when they shed. Amazing how long they can stay down. I was once concerned that these little frogs would drown. LOL!!!

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    Default Re: The Shed

    Very poetic.
    Also a familiar sight, even if you have tree frogs instead of firebellies.

    I always thought "Two Sheds Jackson" would be a good name for a real world blues artist.

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