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    Hi everyone I知 planning on setting up an 18X36X36 set up for housing red ye tree frogs and am a little lost with choosing a lighting set up. I grow plants indoors and use a viparspectra LED unit which grows my plants very well. My question is could I use one of these horticulture lights for a vivarium? Everywhere I知 reading is suggesting I use a$700 system such as a jungle hobbie double LED due to the 36inch high but the prices are rediculous when I could get something more powerful for a quarter of the price. I have a 1200 watt grow led for my plants that cost me $400. Would I be safe using a 300watt set up similar to my grow light or would that be too bright for the frogs, I知 worried about damaging their eyes.

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    I'm so glad I found this post. I'm setting up a 24x18x36 exo terra right now, and have already obtained the lights for the tank. You most certainly do not need to drop $700 on lights. For the bulk of my lighting I'm using a 24" Snake Eyes Evo Quad LEd from topdogsellers on ebay. Right now, I believe they have few to none in stock and they are double the price of what I payed, but you can contact them and ask when their next sale is. They have them fairly often from what I understand. I paid about $60 for mine which includes a timer and CPU fan, and they are very good quality. I have not had the chance to test their effectiveness with plants, but I know of several long-term hobbyists from dendroboard who can attest to their penetration abilities. They are VERY bright. One member lit his whole 36x18x36 like yours with one of these bad boys.
    I like to have a day/night cycle as well, so I also have a 24" finnex 24/7 that I got off of amazon for about $80. This light will go behind my SE evo quad, and will mostly be used to light upper background plants, as well as giving me that beautiful day/night cycle that finnex does so well. So if you don't care about day/night cycle, you're talking $80-$90 max on lighting. If you want plug and play day/night cycle and slightly more coverage (I'm telling you, that SE evo quad is BRIGHT), then you're talking around $150-$200.
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    Hey Josh thank you for your response, that helps a lot! I was mainly getting info off of places like and other vivarium building websights (who sell their own stuff, go figure) who was suggesting some crazy expensive lights and still saying it may not be enough. When I get everything set up I’ll be sure to post a picture, I think I would like the day/night cycle as well so I’ll probably spring for both of those lights. Thanks again!!

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