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Thread: Velvet Spreading to Clawed Frogs

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    Default Velvet Spreading to Clawed Frogs

    I bought a some feeder guppies for my African Clawed Frogs, and one of the uneaten guppies has begun showing signs of Velvet. I've already pulled that guppy from the tank, but I'm unsure whether it was in the first or second stage. In the event that it has spread to the water column, is it possible for the frogs to catch it? And how would you treat it in ACF, as I've heard standard medicine isn't good for them.

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    Default Re: Velvet Spreading to Clawed Frogs

    I don't know of any cases of Xenopus frogs getting infected with velvet, which is a parasitic infection in fish. The frogs' skin has highly resilient properties, which are explained in this old article from The Washington Post:

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    Default Re: Velvet Spreading to Clawed Frogs

    It is not a good idea feeding clawed frogs feeder fish. Diseases can spread from the fish to the frogs. Clawed frogs have a slime coat which protects them from disease and injury. It is not necessary to feed these frogs live foods. This species is unusual as it is both a scavenger and a predator. I suggest feeding them Repto-Min and an occasional nightcrawler. Treatments do not always work well.
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