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Thread: Dumpy frog has a popped cyst?

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    Exclamation Dumpy frog has a popped cyst?

    My Dumpy frog, Houdini had what looked like a large cyst on his side near his bum. I was treating it with Bactine to make sure he didn't get a bacterial infection. It seemed to have popped today and now he has a hole in his side. After completely washing down the tank and making sure everything was disinfected (I use Zoomed Wipe-Out spray), he seems to be doing okay... I'm keeping up with the Bactine treatment but I'm not sure what else to do. He had a white string-like thing hanging out of the wound that he tugged out with his foot. I wasn't sure if it was loose skin, because it kinda looked like shed skin but it came out of the wound. Honestly, I'm just wanting to know if there is anymore I can do other than the Bactine treatments and keeping the tank as clean as possible. Has anyone ever seen a cyst on a Dumpy before? He loves to jump around the tank and he's had some hard falls, I figured that's where it came from? I'm not sure, but the only other frog in the tank is his brother, Julius. Julius is a special needs frog so he has a lot of "issues" (I don't like calling them issues because he still functions perfectly fine and is a happy froggie), but has never had any cysts, or bacterial infections. Anyone ever had to deal with something like this?

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    Default Re: Dumpy frog has a popped cyst?

    Name:  IMG_4356.jpeg
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Size:  1.64 MB This is a picture of him today, you can see the hole in the picture.

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    Default Re: Dumpy frog has a popped cyst?

    The "white thing" could be loose skin- shedding often looks like worms. On the other hand, it might be a parasite. Any chance you could look for an exotic vet?
    Here's an article that might help (warning for picture of dead frog at bottom of page):

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    Default Re: Dumpy frog has a popped cyst?

    I have been worried that he has a parasite... He looks like he has something in his leg. I have a great exotic vet, I'm just kinda strapped for money... I gotta work something out with the vet. I haven't seen anything else that would tell me it's a parasite but, I'm no vet.

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    Default Re: Dumpy frog has a popped cyst?

    Hello, my frog developed a similar lump on her head and its starting to form a sore, did this happen to your frog?
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    it sort of looks like what my frog had in the beginning, but it popped a few days after I had started treatment with Bactine. I would recommend trying Bactine and seeing if it goes down or pops, if not I would take her to the vet if you can.

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