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Thread: 26 gallon curved front tank

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    Default 26 gallon curved front tank

    Iíve had this 26 gallon curve from tank sitting empty with backgrounds out of great stuff and exoearth on 33 sides and a layer of hydroton covered in mesh with about 1Ē-1 1/2Ē of ABG mix. Itís been empty for around 3 months and Iím thinking in the future getting either a tiger slammer or a group of 3-4 firebelly toads. I saw Serpadesign with his 125 gallon and it was interesting because he just had large water bowls and misted 2x daily I think but no real 50/50 tank with water and dirt, Is this possible? My tank has led daylight bulbs on a 12 hour light cycle and gets around 72 degrees during the day time and sound 69 at night, humidity dtays around 70%-75%. My plan was getting the largest corner water bowl and using that as their water source and chasing it out every couple of days as well as planting duckweed in the bowl as ďfiltrationĒ.

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    Default Re: 26 gallon curved front tank

    kind of a late response but:
    Fire bellies are very hardy frogs and will tolerate many different kind of conditions. So indeed, when humidity requirements are met, they will survive in a tank as you describe.
    HOWEVER; they will not be particularly happy as they are highly aquatic for a toad (they're also not real toads actually).
    You will notice this in their behaviour.
    They will probably be less active because they will never experience a spring/summer feeling.
    At least in my experience frogs that had acces to a large water area were much more fun to watch.

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