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Thread: Tadpoles died overnight?

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    Default Tadpoles died overnight?

    Every rainy season a large puddle develops outside our house and frogs like to raise tadpoles in there. Sometimes however our rainy season goes through a dry patch where it doesn't rain for a few days and the puddle dries up. The puddle is constantly in full sun (it's 40 C outside) and usually about ankle deep. I decided to collect a few hundred and put them in a collection of ice cream buckets and in bird baths around our house. In their buckets I have duckweed, soil, and plenty of rocks for shelter. I also feed them boiled lettuce daily. It is quiet different from the barren pond that they originated from, but they don't seem to mind the extra TCL and grow way faster (they've already quadrupled their size in three days). Overnight however, a large majority of them died; up to ninety percent in some buckets. They had plenty of food still, and the ones that were still alive weren't eating the dead, so I don't think it was lack of food. I suspect oxygen was the issue, as one of the buckets was very cloudy (algal bloom possibly). But it's no different to the slimy conditions they would usually deal with in the wild. Usually they are very resistant and masses can survive in a small slimy puddle on the side of the road, so it just seems odd, but I'm at a loss as to what else could have done this. If lack of oxygen was the case, how can I avoid this in the future without having to constantly replace their water? I could put them in a shadier spot, as they get quite a bit of sun at the moment, because I was trying to imitate the temperature they would be accustomed to.

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    Default Re: Tadpoles died overnight?

    Perhaps a fungus? I'm not an expert so it's hard to say.

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