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Thread: Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

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    Unhappy Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

    I have had my whites tree frog for years now. He used to eat crickets but in the past year or so we switched to feeding him mealworms w/ tweezers. Usually, he will readily open his mouth to eat the minute the worm would come near him, but in the past week, he has been not only refusing to open his mouth, but almost running away from the food. I tried to put his mealworms in a shallow container and he still wouldn't eat.

    He also was slightly bloated so I took him to my exotic vet, who gave me a de-worming medication and a daily antibiotic. However, they didn't really tell me how to actually get him to eat.

    What do I do??

    Basic information
    • tank size: 18 x 12 x 12 with a mesh top for ventilation
    • Heating: one heat lamp on the top of the tank and a heat mat on the bottem side.
    • Temperature: 70-80 F
    • Inside the tank there is one broad-leafed fake plank, one hanging fake plant, a climbing stick and his water bowl (which is changed daily)
    • I spray his tank when I wake up, right before I go to school, when I get back to school, and then right before I go to bed
    • He has had a past history of prolapse, so we use a terrarium carpet rather then coconut fiber

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    Default Re: Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

    Update: I got him to eat one worm, but it took quite a bit of coaxing and he did not seem to happy about it... Also, I always kill/stun the worms before I feed him because I have heard that they can eat him from the inside

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    Default Re: Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

    Do you always feed him dead worms? It may be because he prefers live food to dead food.

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    Default Re: Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

    hi! i'm also a student and i know it always freaks me out when my babies are not eating! i rarely feed worms and prefer dubia roaches- and I find my frogs prefer those too! bloating can be edema, but no need to worry about that if your frog is pooping. when one of my frogs had similar symptoms I found that rinsing him and giving him more time out motivated him to eat. sounds funny, but maybe you could clean out your bath and let him jump around? calms bloating, which makes them more hungry- especially if you provide dubia roaches.

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    Default Re: Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

    Well they are not exactly dead, but I crush them enough so that they are still moving when he eats them, but won't "eat him from the inside"

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    Default Re: Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

    The last time he pooped was about a week ago and I have not seen any since. However, I have seen him jump and climb still so he is not completely lethargic. The exotic vet also recommended dubia roaches to me and I am definitely going to try them.

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    Default Re: Help! Whites Tree Frog Not Eating!

    i know this post is a bit dated, but if your frog is still alive (if not rip) hopefully you stopped feeding it mealworms as i heard it could lead to impaction.

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