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Thread: Substrate too deep? How often should it be stirred?

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    Default Substrate too deep? How often should it be stirred?

    Im wondering if thats possible for ABF's?

    Mines currently in a 10g, that contains; a rock hide, cork hide, plantation soil (which they had him on when I bought him) and some moss scattered about to keep the humidity up. He also has a wide but shallow water dish as he is only about 2ish inches currently. His substrate depth is about 2 inches deep as well just to be sure he can burrow but now I'm not sure if its too much.

    I couldnt really find anything that said yes or no solidly. Only that I need to be worried about water collecting in the lower layers of substrate and making him sick. Some people say should be stirred once every 2-3 days, to once every two weeks.

    I was planning on doing a substrate stir once a week and am unsure of if it should be more or less frequent

    Obviously will be completely cleaning the tank once a month, and water dish changed/cleaned daily.

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