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Thread: African Clawed Frogs,. Red Shrimp?

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    Default African Clawed Frogs,. Red Shrimp?

    I found a container of Red Shrimp in the pet store. It says it is for turtles. But I can't find any information on whether or not I can give this to my African Clawed Frogs. I have three;. Two females and one male. They are a year old and I have had them since they were babies. The shrimp are sun-dried and it says they are "an excellent high protein treat for all large size tropical fish and aquatic turtles". Nothing about grogs. Not can I find any information about red shrimp in my internet searches. Does anyone know about Red Shrimp and frogs?

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    Default Re: African Clawed Frogs,. Red Shrimp?

    I'm not an expert on frogs but pretty sure they live off live foods like gut filling bugs such as crickets and locusts etc. I don't think frogs will eat already dead shrimp. But need better advice.

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