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Thread: Pixie Frog Feeding Problem.

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    I have a 5 Month old Pixie Frog that is a little bit bigger then one handful at this point. The first month or two he didn't seem to be eating much and I thought something was wrong. All videos and articles I was reading at the time just show most Pixie Frogs eating like pigs, but mine wasn't. I would put him in his plastic enclosure for eating with 10 Dubai Roach's, or ten crickets and he would eat maybe one or two and that was it. I was getting worried that something was wrong until I found the trick to feeding this guy. I found he is a shy eater, or a private eater. I started putting 10 Dubai Roach's, or ten crickets in his eating bin and putting the eating bin on a semi dark shelf in my pet room and coming back ten to fifteen minutes later and every insect is gone. I always feed him this way now and he is actually eating like a little pig which is what I expected in the beginning. Eating problem solved.

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