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Thread: Red eyed tree frog help

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    Default Red eyed tree frog help

    One of my red eyed tree frogs has been sleeping a lot and now there's this orange stuff coming out the rear. Does this sound familiar to anybody and if so can you help me

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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog help

    Sounds like something you should try to see a vet about if possible. If the "orange stuff" is globby and solid intestines it might be a prolapse which could be life threatening. In that case you should keep it damp and maybe sprinkle sugar or drip honey water on it to make the swelling go down and get it to go back in.

    If it's just liquid or slime I have no idea what that is but you should get it checked out. Any chance the frog ate one of those orange cricket food cubes?

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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog help

    The crickets eat those but I don't put those in frog care, the orange stuff looks solid, it's just attached to his rear and do you think the other frog is safe being in the same cage

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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog help

    If you're really concerned about this, phone an exotic vet near you and ask for some advice as to what it could be and what you can do to help. They may want to see the frog and treat him if they can. Hope he gets better soon.

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