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Thread: Red eyed tree frog sick?

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    Default Red eyed tree frog sick?


    ive been reading these forums for 2 months now and havenít seen any up to date posts about neon spots in red eyed tree frogs. Iíve already had one of my red eyes pass that had a ton of these spots and I tried to give him bath in non chlorinated water and did isolate him.

    now another one of my frogs is starting to show this spits on him as well, I believe itís oodieum but Iím not sure and I canít find anywhere what to do to treat it and what is causing it.

    My tank temps range between 72 at the lowest during the night and right around 78-81 during the day
    humidity has been a struggle this winter and I have a humidifier running in the room and an auto mister listing every 4 hours and the readings I get from 2 different hygrometers are between 40-60%, when itís not 10 degrees F my humidity gets higher and sits between 50-70%

    i change the water bowl daily and use spring water for them.
    inalso regularly dona pop cleaning and wipe the sides of the tank down with a paper towel after spraying the sides with distilled water

    anyone have an idea what these spots are and how to treat it, none of the vets in my area really specialize with red eyed tree frogs. I really canít lose another frog as I lost 1 the day after shipping and another 2 months later.
    its been about a month since I lost the last one and the viv was clean after isolation. The sick one that passed was removed about 2 weeks before he passed so the sick frog hasnít been in the main viv in 6 weeks
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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frog sick?

    Even if the vets in your area don't specialize in red-eyes can you get an exotic vet willing to see a frog? I saw a bird vet who consulted with herp vets over the internet once. If you knew for sure what it was you'd know how to treat it.

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