Hi! We need assistance determining how much to feed our American toad. We call him Ted and assume its a "he".

He currently lives in a 10 gallon aquarium with a screen lid. He has an under the tank heater appropriate for the aquarium, as well as a heat lamp on a timer over the warm end which brings the temp to about 78F in the day and about 65-70F at night. We came to this arrangement after he had been going dormant for long stretches (weeks), only coming out when disturbed, and we were unsure how to manage a hibernation if he was planning to try that. His current pattern is to unburrow himself in the morning when his light turns the on, and sits directly beneath it. Most days, we feed him 6-8 meal worms (dusted with vitamin/mineral powder). We dump in a few flightless fruit flies every few days as they are ready from the culture. When available, he gets 2 dozen dusted crickets every 3 days instead of the meal worms. Regardless of how much we feed him, he always eats it all and continues to wait for more. After he eats, he hops in his water dish for a couple hrs, then basks the day away. He burrows when the light goes out in the evening and the temp drops. He seems to be exceedingly happy now and even hops over to the hole he gets fed near whenever he sees us and sits upright expectantly. His aquarium is also misted daily and his dirt moistened every few days for humidity. He has grown enormously since joining our family in late June. Name:  20170829_204332 (573x640).jpg
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SO here's the question... How much should we be feeding him? How often? Can we overfeed him?