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Thread: okay i have kept always kept aquatic amphibians and sometimes land

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    Unhappy okay i have kept always kept aquatic amphibians and sometimes land

    NEver had issues till now

    I have african bullfrog 70 humidity 80 temp super large enclosure now i have not seen him in 2 days he has burried beneath his eco earth

    he has his own mini pond

    do you think he is just coming out at night? he was active the past few days now just decided to go MIA

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    Default Re: okay i have kept always kept aquatic amphibians and sometimes land

    African Bullfrogs and Pacman frogs will burrow for multiple days at a time. Assuming the substrate is moist and humidity and temp are good, he'll be fine down there. Its usually best to leave them alone when they dig, they'll come up when they want to.
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