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Thread: My Australian Whites tree frog died :(

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    Default My Australian Whites tree frog died :(

    Please help, I feel terrible. I went on vacation for a few days and prepared my tree frogs habitat by giving him 4 or 5 dusted crickets to eat, and two bowls of water for hydrating in. Sadly, I came home to my dumpling on the floor of his enclosure near the heat lamp lifeless. His bowls of water were dry, what should I have done better to keep him living? More water? Turn the lamp off so the water doesnt evaporate so quickly? Any advice is appreciated, I really loved the little guy and didnt have him for long just a couple of weeks, would he have been sick?

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    Default Re: My Australian Whites tree frog died :(

    I'm sry u lost ur frog. Lost mine today also do to unknown illness

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    Default Re: My Australian Whites tree frog died :(

    I'm sorry. It's hard to keep the humidity up sometimes. It's good you included two bowls rather than one, but sometimes our best efforts fail.

    These things happen, I'm sorry. It is easy to get attached to these frogs.

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