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Thread: Hosta safe for frogs?

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    Default Hosta safe for frogs?

    Can I plant a hosta in a terrarium for green and gold bell frogs? They aren't being fed anything that would eat it, just house flies at the moment. I can't find it on any toxic or nontoxic plant lists, except as a food for tortoises and as interfering with calcium absorption in iguanas. The hosta used to live in a land snail terrarium and they grow well in shady/damp conditions, so assuming it's not toxic I thought it'd work well.

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    Default Re: Hosta safe for frogs?

    I have never heard of anyone using a hosta but You can always try it!

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    Default Re: Hosta safe for frogs?

    It shouldn't be toxic, but it might be best to give it a bleach bath before placing it in any sort of terrarium with a frog. For any live plants in my tanks, I usually soak them in a 10% bleach solution for 5-10 minutes, which sterilizes them.
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