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Thread: Red eye tree frog acting strange... help please

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    Question Red eye tree frog acting strange... help please

    My red eyed tree frog has not been acting himself. I got him in June of 2017 and he has been doing good. He used to sleep during the day and I would usually turn his light off around 8pm and he would wake up about an hour later and move around his tank. He is currently in a tall 10 gallon tank. I recently put in a digital thermometer/hygrometer the temperature is currently 79 degrees F and the humidity is at 70%.

    About a month ago I changed his tank. I used a different kind of substrate than I usually do and I think it might not have held as much moisture as his old substrate. About five days ago my frog was sleeping closer to the bottom of the tank on top of his tree stumps when he usually sleeps up high on the walls of the tank. I tried picking him up to see if he looked ok. When I tried putting him back on a leaf he was unable to grip onto the leaves and he continuously fell over backwards. He then moved himself by his water bowl and sat by it almost all day. I had a feeling that he was very dehydrated so I squirted him down all day and bought the exo-terra monsoon solo misting system. The next day the timer system on my mister failed and the whole 1.5 liters of water sprayed in the tank. So I cleaned the tank back out and went back to his old substrate (jungle mix).

    My frog is no longer falling over and can hold onto different fixtures in his tank, but he appears to be sleeping all day and night. He doesn't move positions, unless I have picked him up to check on him. He doesn't wake up after turning off the lights. If he does wake up during the night, he is always in the same position in the morning. I have been feeding him crickets, but I'm unsure if he has eaten any. I have read about people using a bowl to put crickets in. I would love to hear if this has worked for you.

    Any suggestions on what you think is wrong with my froggo would be greatly appreciated. I am a very worried froggy mom right now. (PS. I posted some pictures of the tanks and the frog. I woke him up for one picture)

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