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Thread: Juvenile African bull frog not eating

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    Exclamation Juvenile African bull frog not eating

    -I recently bought a small African bull frog( 2.5-3 inches) a day ago and it hasn't been eating. I don't understand why I have the humidity at 75 percent and the temp is 80. I have been trying to feed him froggers dead crickets, dead mealworms and even tried some earth worms(cut). if you have any suggestions about this topic please respond asap

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    Default Re: Juvenile African bull frog not eating

    I think I can help a bit. There are two things you should know:
    First of all, frogs respond best to live prey. While they will accept dead foods, you have to wiggle it in front of them with a pair of tongs to get them to eat it because frogs hunt based mostly if not all on movement. You should get pair of rubber-tipped tongs, since they can hurt themselves biting down on the all metal ones. Some frogs tong train very easily, others are scared or stressed by the tongs and take a lot of time and effort to get acclimated to them. Since they can bite and have tooth like projections, it's a good idea to have tongs.
    Secondly, your new frog could still be stressed by the move and new conditions. Stress is a big problem with frogs. You should try to avoid handling the frog unnecessarily and trying too hard to feed him/her, since this will just stress the frog more if this is the problem.
    Assuming it is at a healthy weight, your frog will be fine waiting a day or two to eat, usually more.
    I would recommend you pick up some live crickets or roaches. Mealworms/superworms are not great staple diets, since they contain a lot of chitin/shell which is undigestable. Nightcrawler earthworms are good too, but movement is the kicker. You might want to give the frog a day before tryong to feed it, as well.
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