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Thread: Help! Why are just my male ADFs dying!

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    Question Help! Why are just my male ADFs dying!

    I seem to have a high mortality rate with any male ADF I buy!

    I have a 10 gallon tank & usually have 3 pairs of ADFs. The temperature is set about 78-80 degrees F, I change 30% of the (spring) water weekly & they get fed everyday. The tank gets a quick cleaning every day, to remove any debris.

    When I get a new one, I have a glass container that I use for quarantining. I put it into the tank, put the frog in it. Then I slowly (over the course of several hours), change the store water to the tank water. This way, the frog gets used to the new tank temperature & water without contaminating the other frogs.

    I have bought numerous males & some lasted long enough to mate but all have died the same way. I have bought them from different stores & the same thing happens.

    I have bought females from the same stores & they have lasted. I have 3 females right now that have come from different stores (& different states!), they are doing fine, & they are all laying eggs.

    I had 3 males die on me just recently & I had to get some more to keep paired couples.

    Symptoms: All of the males, start to lay near the top of the tank (floating), then start laying half of their body out of the water & finally climbing up the side of the tank. Then they do a complete float & die! I try quarantining them but they still die. I don't see anything physically wrong with them, even under a magnifying glass! I don't even know what to do to treat them. The most puzzling part is it's only the males that do it!

    One just died & I just bought another one, a nice healthy looking one, & less than 24 hours he's doing the same thing!

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    Default Re: Help! Why are just my male ADFs dying!

    Did you ever find out what was going on? (I'm newish here and just saw this thread. I'm also newish to amphibian care, so I'm sorry I have no idea)

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    Default Re: Help! Why are just my male ADFs dying!

    My guess would be that you have too many frogs in a small tank. The recommendation is 1 frog per 10 gallons. You might get away with two. There's a good chance that the males are more territorial or the females are bullying the males away. Either way, it definitely sounds like an overpopulation issue.

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