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Thread: Help with identifying this little guy's sex

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    Default Help with identifying this little guy's sex

    Hey everyone im new here
    I have this little guy for 2 months , since he was about 3 cm. Now he's about 8 cm and i've heard him croak a few times ( late at night ) but sometimes he looks like a female and i don't know if he's growing fast enough for him to be a definitive male.
    These are his current photos :
    Name:  24475034_1552565354821345_726275406_o.jpg
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Size:  160.8 KBName:  24463061_1552565341488013_132341428_o (1).jpg
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    And he has cool temperatures since the weather here in Poland is pretty cold ( in his tank it's about 21-23 celsius ). Should i heat his tank and if so what do you recommend for that? Help appreciated! Cheers

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    Default Re: Help with identifying this little guy's sex

    Hi, welcome to frog forum! Only males will call, so if he is croaking he's a male. Their call is a low rumbling sound, kinda like a stomach growl or a belch. Assuming they sound like that, my own ABF calls in the evenings, and your frog is around the minimum size for them to start croaking. Most people are still waiting to hear them at that size. They can grunt, but they usually wouldn't do this regularly at the same time. From what you've said so far, I'd heavily suspect male.
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