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Thread: Not so poisonous??

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    Default Not so poisonous??

    So I’ve been researching dart frogs, more specifically Phyllobates terribilis and come to find out there not poisonous in captivity. It is actually there diets that make them poisonous. My question is what exactly are they eating too make them poisonous (I hear it’s some kind of ants and centipedes) and does it hurt the frogs to eat? Is it possible to get and breed these ants and centipedes in captivity. Also does anyone know where to get Phyllobates terribilis and there natural pray? Thanks

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    Default Re: Not so poisonous??

    Hello Jolan,
    Short answer.....
    I believe an actual ‘lethal’ poisoning in the wild is rare. Batrachotoxins ( the poison ) is found in Phyllobates ( origin Columbia ). Like all PDF, in these frogs ( “Golden poison frog”) the poison is stored in their skin glands. I believe ants are consumed most commonly in the wild. Captive bred Phyllobates are not fed ants in captivity. In fact, I have read they will not readily eat ants if offered. The typical cultured food item we offer in captivity does not produce poison … batrachotoxin. All PDF will lose their toxicity if these feeders are eliminated from their diet. In fact, in the wild, they are not born poisonous but develop it. It has been reported wild caught frogs can retain ‘poison’ for years, however. I’m not sure researchers have been able to pinpoint exactly which insect specifically makes the terribilis more toxic compared to other PDF. The general, information regarding P terribilis toxicity is due to small arthropods available only in their natural habitat. These feeders are not available. It's much more important to pay close attention to proper supplementation by dusting feeders in captivity. The most common cause of overall poor health, poor reproduction, failure to thrive, and early demise is improper dietary supplementation of Vitamins and calcium / Vit D.
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