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Thread: African clawed frog acting normal but not eating??

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    Default African clawed frog acting normal but not eating??

    I have an African Clawed Frog that Iíve had for a little over a year. I recently had to transport him home and back because I am a college student and could not leave him over thanksgiving break. When I had him at home, he acted very strange, not moving, not eating, & shedding excessively. His tank water was really cold because of the heat in my house, so I bought him a heater for his tank and he began acting normal again. He has returned to his normal state, swimming constantly, croaking often, and looks healthy. (Nothing visibly noticeable is different.) The only concerning thing is now, he hasnít eaten in about a week. He is usually a very hungry little frog, eating the pellets I give him right away. He is usually hand fed and would normally take food every day when I would drop it in front of him. Now he seems to not be sensing his food. He goes to the corner of his tank that he gets fed from, responds to my hands when they are in the tank, but will not acknowledge the food when it is dropped in front of him like he usually would. Heís acting like heís hungry but is not responding to the food. Iím not sure what to do and Iím beginning to panic because like I said, this isnít like him and he hasnít eaten in a week. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: African clawed frog acting normal but not eating??

    Have you checked the various water parameters, particularly the ammonia level?

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