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Thread: New dart frog hobbyist here!

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    Default New dart frog hobbyist here!


    I'm planing to buy some dart frog species into my exo terra large xtall vivarium with waterfrog , fogger & monsoon.

    How much humidity would you recommend ?

    And how many dart frogs can I buy into my vivarium ?

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    Default Re: New dart frog hobbyist here!

    Hi! My knowledge of dart frogs is limited, but many people keep a single frog in a 10 gallon tank. In a larger tank one per 10 gallons(37 liters roughly).
    Humidity is generally kept around 80 or 90 to 100, while temp is 75-82f (sorry for no Celsius).
    Also, dart frogs of different species should not be mixed. Only one species should be housed in a tank. For this reason, some dartfrog hobbyists prefer many smaller tanks rather than larger ones. I hope this helps!
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