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Thread: Help! I need to identify these strange spots on my WTF

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    Exclamation Help! I need to identify these strange spots on my WTF

    Hey all!

    yesterday I noticed my female WTF has developed some discoloration on her back and I quickly moved her to the quarantine tank. I️ think it may be acute fungal infection, or some sort of bacteria but wanted to hear a second opinion. I have a vet appointment scheduled for a few days- but since she is acting normal (except that she is stressed from being moved into the quarantine tank.) I am hoping there is some action I can take to help/reduce the spreading, and if anyone has seen/ experienced a similar type of mark?

    She is still eating and active at night. She has seemed stressed lately as well as a little bloated. I think she is slightly impacted and so I gave her a honey bath yesterday.
    Apart from that, she has been normal. No markings or unusual activity on my male WTF so far.

    General info:

    40 gallon vertical tank, 2 WTF same age Male + Female
    75-80 Fahrenheit
    50-max 70 humidity
    I use Brita-filtered tap water and treat it with rep-safe. changed every other day unless very dirty
    Moss & reptile carpet substrate
    Tank full clean every 2-3 weeks
    No natural plants except the live moss
    Dusted crickets and wax worm diet
    smaller & less frequent poop but normal consistency and color
    regular shedding cycle
    lately been sleeping on the ground in a corner
    coloring has been ranging from light green to purple/brown depending on time of day/location/light.

    She also gets very stressed when separated from her tank mate, so I have a hard time deciphering what is her possible illness, and what is situational stress.

    here is an image of her spot yesterday and today.
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    Thank you so much! I appreciate any information

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