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Thread: Honest about past mistakes?

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    Question Honest about past mistakes?

    we have all read horror stories on caudata about mixing species

    but when we were young and did not know better did any of you by accident? If so what species? like african clawed frogs with other frogs ? newts? or mixing various aquatic or land frogs where the outcome is not so predictable.

    Like with a lot of caudata u know whats gonna happen when u mix a paddle tail with a fire belly newt. Paddle tail will kill anything they can over power usually, but seem afraid of stronger newts. Like did anyone put 2 or 3 or more frogs together that were more on the same level? Like a dwarf african with a pacman, budgets with the surnam, acf with paddle tail.

    It is
    really wrong id never do it but when we are kids we do stupid things and we think the pet stores "know best"

    they had a chinese wart newt paddle tail and chinese fire belly all in the same tank

    they had clawed frogs with asian bullfrogs once also edible frogs?

    The outcomes on caudata forgive spelling are so predictable you know whats going to happen. THe mixing is just so uneven. Like mixing a macaw and a budgie lol

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    Default Re: Honest about past mistakes?

    I've never mixed species, but I did some horrible stuff when I was little that I think I should share anyways. To thinking that toads somehow don't need water leading to the death of one of my toads when I was 8, keeping two American toads in a small 5 gallon tank and even keeping one in a container only twice its size when I was 6, I've made a lot of mistakes. I'ver learned now luckily...

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    Default Re: Honest about past mistakes?

    Yes, when I was a kid the concept of a community terrarium was mostly what appealed to me. It didn't always end well, obviously, but this was back in the 60's and 70's, so the bigger problem for a country boy like me was the extreme lack of herp care knowledge that was available. Lack of proper housing and food were the bigger threats facing whatever herps I could get my little hands on in those days. I did learn eventually, of course, but at the expense of many small native herps- and a few from whatever pet stores I could get my mother to drive me to.
    Fortunately, people starting out in the hobby today have many advantages; better information, the availability of better equipment, feeders, captive bred specimens, and lots of fellow hobbyists to network with. Unfortunately, too many of those new hobbyists don't utilize all of these advantages, and stubbornly insist on learning the hard way.
    I have to admit, though, I haven't entirely given up on the idea of mixing species. If one is thoughtful and careful, it can be done.

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    Default Re: Honest about past mistakes?

    As a child I kept a number of wild caught pacific chorus frogs, a species local to my area. At least a year after catching them, I found an Arboreal Salamander(Aneides lugubris). While the salamander may have been able to harm or infect them, this did not happen. The tank was simply insufficient to support it and it died quickly. I felt pretty bad about that one. I had no internet as a child, so I couldnt look anything up about proper care and species mixing. I also didnt know anything about vitamins and supplementation. I'm surprised my childhood PCFs lived as long as they did. I feel like everyone has made at least a few herping related mistakes, it is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you learn from it.
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