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Thread: I befriended a wild toad (toad/frog intelligence)

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    Default I befriended a wild toad (toad/frog intelligence)

    So about 3 weeks ago after a flood I started to notice a toad who would come up and sit near me while I was outside smoking a ciggerate, I tried to touch him once or twice the first week and talked to him ( I know that sounds goofy) sometimes but he would hop away. So I vowed next time to just let him hang out, so the past couple weeks he would come up every couple of nights and just hang out and I'd talk to him a little bit. Well tonight as soon as I went outside not more than 30 seconds later he came up, this time I figured I'd try to pet him again, to my surprise he let me! So I went over to my hose and he actually followed me in that direction! So I just made a small puddle for him and picked him up(He didn't seem to mind at all) and I put him in the puddle besides turning around to look at me he has just been chilling there looking pretty content. This all made me start thinking, just how smart are amphibians such as frogs? Anyone else ever had similar experience? With wild or with a pet? It would be awesome if you could share your own experience and knowledge with me!

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    Default Re: I befriended a wild toad (toad/frog intelligence)

    I got interested in herps because pacific treefrogs moved into my ranch house. I made a pond on the table and at night they would come down from hiding places and just sit with me and i would hand feed them crickets. Stripey frog would blink to me and i would blink back. Right now i am trying to rehab a young american toad with mbd. He is caged but really responds enthusiastically to attention especially getting to soak in a shallow dish. He seems to enjoy being held and talked to. My significant other who used to live on the US east coast said wild toads were very friendly and would visit with him regularly. I think amphibians are much smarter than people give them credit for.

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