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Thread: Whites Tree Frog's leg swelling

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    Exclamation Whites Tree Frog's leg swelling

    I have two dumpy frogs, one is the picture of health, the other is having some issues, but they both live in the same tank. We bought him from Petco, while his brother was purchased from a local breeder. Romeo, my Petco frog seemed healthy when we got him. Then he stopped eating, I was told (by others with dumpy frogs, not Petco) that sometimes dumpies stop eating for a week or two. So once it hit three weeks I got to get very anxious about him eating. He has been gently force fed over the past few weeks. I then thought he was dehydrated but I mist the tank everyday and humidity is always at 50%. He has also been very, very lethargic. He sleeps all day, and all night. I usually take them out for some "play time" once a day, and his brother is very curious, always exploring, but Romeo just sleeps. Today I finally found the source, at least I think I did, His left leg is super swollen with a bubble (almost like a blister) on his "knee" It clearly pains him, he shuffles instead of walks, and drags what's left of his belly on the floor. He is skin and bones, I'm not sure what is the cause of this, infection? I'm not even sure of what it is. But I know he is in pain and I need help, If you know what this is and what I can do please, please let me know. I will be taking him to the vet soon but I just wanted to know if there was anything I could do to improve this or make it less painful on him.

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    update: He is now quite bloated and is struggling to move, I really do not understand what is wrong.

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    Default Re: Whites Tree Frog's leg swelling

    It sounds like an infection. Maybe from a cut? Sorry I don't know what to do to help but he might be saved by antibiotics if he's not too weak already.

    Just get him to the vet quick as you can and try to reduce stress. If he's not soaking you can try squirting him with water. He might benefit from a bath in clear unflavored Pedialyte since he hasn't been eating, but you don't want him to struggle and risk hurting his leg further.

    What kind of water do you use? Distilled water can cause bloating, but it could also be caused by the infection or something else.

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    Default Re: Whites Tree Frog's leg swelling

    Thank you for your reply, but he passed away last night. I fear I didn't notice his leg in time, and he was too weak. I use bottled springs water, with a very small amount of dechlorinator (one drop for extra caution).

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