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Thread: Frog not sleeping during the day. Possible health problems?

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    Default Frog not sleeping during the day. Possible health problems?

    Hi All,

    Is it normal behavior for one of my frogs to be awake during the day with the lights on? Noticed that his pupils are still large with lights on.

    I recently got these two whites a week ago. They have been eating well. Normal routine of soaking in the water at night etc.

    Just noticed that one of them doesn't seem to hide away and sleep during the day when i have the lights on. The other one does. And am a bit worried!

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    1----what 'kind' of frog is it ( what species) Whites Tree Frog
    2----please include a photo of the frog
    3----Please include a photo of the frog's current enclosure
    4----size of enclosure ( W" x D" x H" ) 30x30x45xcm
    5----# on inhabitants - ( if there is another frog --- is there a size difference ? One other, same size.
    6----has or was the frog kept with a different species or with any other tank mate At the pet farm, other tank mates, same species.
    7----is there a new tank mate----was the new tank mate quarantined No
    8----what is the typical humidity level 75-80%
    9----what temperature is maintained 25-30' Celcius
    10---what is, specifically, being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure Live in tropical country
    11---describe the enclosure lighting ( very specifically) Phillips daylight bulb. 8watts
    12---describe enclosure maintenance ( water changes, cleaning etc) daily water changes
    13---what kind of water is used Aged tap water
    -----for misting
    -----for the frog's soaking dish
    -----is de-chlorinator used / what brand
    14---material(s) used for substrate - be very specific Coco peat.
    15---enclosure set up:
    -----if recent - describe how the enclosure was cleaned
    -----plants( live or artificial) if artificial plants are used are they plastic or fabric Silk artificial plants / Exo terra jungle vine
    -----describe wood, bark , and background materials
    16---when is the last time the frog ate last night
    17---have you found poop lately yes
    18---how often is the frog fed daily
    19---what size feeder is given small crickets
    20---what other feeders are used as treats roaches
    21---what is the frog's main food source crickets
    22---do feeders roam free in the enclosure or is the frog bowl fed hand feed
    23---vitamins - what brand and how often Repashy (Daily)
    24---calcium - what brand and how often Repashy (Daily
    25---was the frog without calcium for any period of time no
    26---approximate age of the frog 5 Months?
    27---how long have you owned the frog 1 Week
    28---who cared for the frog before you Pet farmer
    29---is the frog wild caught or captive bred Captive bred
    30---how often the frog is handled -- are gloves used ( what kind of gloves) Once in a while
    31---is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area On my desktop table.
    30---has or was the frog properly quarantined (yes or no) No
    -----for how long
    32---has the frog been treated with any medication: No
    -----for what
    -----name of medication
    -----for how long
    -----what dose
    -----was medication prescribed by a herp vet

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    Default Re: Frog not sleeping during the day. Possible health problems?

    Hey, I wouldn't worry. Sometimes one of my frogs wakes up late and then is still awake in the morning. Just keep an eye on him and see how his appetite is.

    Also I've heard some tap water is now treated by chloramine instead of chlorine. The chloramine doesn't "gas off" as easily so setting it out may not do anything. I don't know if this applies to you at all though.

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