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Thread: What should i house baby red eyed tree frogs in (other precautions?)

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    Default What should i house baby red eyed tree frogs in (other precautions?)

    I have decided to order red eyed tree frogs from LLL reptile and was wondering what to house them in.
    I have owned red eyes before but they weren't captive bred and died 3 months after I initially bought them.
    I was wondering if I would need a water dish as well or will a spray bottle be enough moisture?
    Also if anyone could tell me what size crickets I should feed or other bugs and what should I do for powdering or protein feeding.
    And does anyone know what I should use to dechlorinate water?

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    Default Re: What should i house baby red eyed tree frogs in (other precautions?)

    You need a water dish. And even if you didn't need it, it would be insurance in case the humidity dipped too low. Baby frogs probably take pinhead to medium size crickets. You don't need extra protein, but you do need something with calcium and vitamin D. Maybe a multivitamin that includes A as well. I put some calcium powder in a cup with a lid, put the cricket in and shake it. There's also spray-on calcium powder available.

    Any dechlorinator would work. I have one for reptiles and amphibians, but fish dechlorinators work too. Frogs don't really need the "slime coat" that's in some fish dechlorinators but it doesn't seem to hurt them. You can find bottles wherever there are aquarium supplies sold.

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