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Thread: Strange behaviour from milk frogs...causing injury against mesh lid!

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    Default Strange behaviour from milk frogs...causing injury against mesh lid!

    Hello, new user here however have often taken great advice from these forums. So would really appreciate some views on my issue please. I have two 5 year old milk frogs that ive had since they were very small. All has been well however my female is acting relentlessly odd, continually attempting to get as close to the mesh lid as possible. Its almost as if she is seeing something and jumping blind and falling..thankfully i have many large leaves etc. The last few days she has actually caused injury to herself. Her pads seem scraped and her nose is bashed and appears abraised. Really i dont know if there is some problem in the viv (temp and hum are fine and water is dechlorinated and changed daily) or if some psychological issue perhaps?! They are both in good health generally. Should i continue to be concerned by this and if so any suggestions please? Thinking about a possible change of lid material?? I have an exo viv. Thanks in advance for any reponse.

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    Default Re: Strange behaviour from milk frogs...causing injury against mesh lid!

    I think this was meant for the tree frogs part of the forum.

    It sounds like stress. Is it too hot or cold in the tank? Is the area loud? Was the frog wild caught? What size is the tank?

    You might want to try covering the tank for a while. Or if the frog doesn't seem to have any obvious stress factors in the tank maybe it's restless. You could even let it practice hunting in a clean bucket or something if the frog can't hunt feeder insects inside the tank.

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