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Thread: Leptopelis nordequatorialis breeding

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    Smile Leptopelis nordequatorialis breeding

    Hi, I'm a relatively new frog keeper. I have a pair of beautiful Cameroon tree frogs (Leptopelis nordequatorialis) called Jade & Emerald. I'm almost sure one is male and the other, female. Emerald (the male) is a noisy boy, he calls all night. In they day he often sleeps with Jade - Emerald being on top as big spoon. These two are rescues and i have no idea about their history. Ive looked online for care sheets and things but can't find anything about these frogs? Ive just got them in a big tub, with a heat mat, some fake plants and sticks, and a water bowl. Its warm and humid and they seem to be doing fine.

    Anyways, my question is: should i be expecting frogspawn soon? I quite like the idea of having tadpoles, i know my local amphibian supplier would love some froglets. Do you think these are the right conditions? If not then what are?
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